=r-f – Conceptual Artist – : when theres no more room left i nhell …the teni will walk the earth `ChrisGranger – Shadow Deviant – : Teni already walks the Earth. Does this mean hell has no vacancy? ~AomiArmster – Shadow Deviant -: Hell has been full for a while now ~AomiArmster – Shadow Deviant -: Ya think they’d fucking remodel the place…nope ~AomiArmster – Shadow Deviant -: I mean.. there is room in the Abyss… some left in purgatory ..but shit.. none in Hell, none in Hell..nothing in Heaven either..just an empty sky-line `ChrisGranger – Shadow Deviant -: Dropping the atomic bomb in WWII probably stunned Hell’s doorman. WTF, where’d you all come from at once? ~arpeggiodouble – Deviously Deviant -: i wonder if they built a bridge over the river styx yet ~arpeggiodouble – Deviously Deviant -: riding a boat nowadays just seems like a waste of time Shoutbox,Deviantart.