Through Hell and Silent Hill

Inspiration is a MAD BITCH, I feel. But oh so so good when it all works well and work gets done. This may be a very TL;DR. OH WELL. I just have to put it out there as a Silent Hill fan.


Some Silent Hill art…things…
The only monster I made for Silent Hill was of myself.
The rest.. were just would-be Silent Hill adventurers…victims…villians, who knows!?


the top two pictures are  drawings of Aomi  if she were a Silent Hill character, nothing set in stone yet/ no concrete info. All I can say is that she’d be a ruffian or sexually driven in some way. And lots and lots of Amnesia.


The photos with the Silent Hill 3 images are of a teal/cyan dress. As you know I LOVE TEAL/CYAN colours. So that was what inspiredred me to even bother.


Silent Hill : Aomi v0.0

I’ll fill out information about this insanity( the image above) later.

Silent Hill : Aomi v0.1

Another design of the character. PLEASE, for the love of everything dark, do not point out that the background seal is not found in the games. HONESTLY? ARE YOU THAT STUPID  that you have to think that I don’t know that? GTFO. That seal has to do with another “pandora’s box” altogether.  Don’t know what Pandora’s Box is? GOOGLE IT.

the dress 1

Silent Hill 3, in the mall.
Before everything went to hell, Heather stops by a store
and well I notice…. the teal/blue-green dress.
Of course the store is not in a mall in Silent Hill.

She isn’t in Silent Hill, Silent Hill came to her. Well, Claudia brought it… ahahaah, or something. This dress was the inspiration.

Aomi Armster in Silent Hill working as a dancer(or not) at Heaven’s Night..
yada yada decaying paradise blahblah. my OC as a fanchar in the game/series/etc.

there is Silent Hill lore— I just wanted to figure out how a demon like Aomi could… fit in such an area.


the dress 2

When the otherworld took over the mall, look what it did to the pretty dress!


Town With A Dark Secret: Silent Hill has enough dark secrets for 20 small towns. : killing of Native Americans in an inquisition, witch burning, plague, torture, secret prisons, child abuse, rape, drug dealing, demons, ghosts, kidnapping, orphans, child sacrifices, cults, tons of murders, serial killers, multiple conspiracies, animal abuse, two evil parallel dimensions, and at least three dark gods – one of which supposedly used to be nice before all of the above drove it nuts.
Then, the pathway opens
Awaiting them, the frenzied
Uproar, the feast of death!


i am very angry with tiny pic, they keep destroying the images i link up.



Silent Hill is property of Konami.

Aomi Armster & related material is property of Teni.S.