Aoenru Script

download brushes here


Aoenru, the alphabet/symbols/letters/runes I created and used in my story.
it isn’t a spoken language, its just used for spells and seals/symbols/sigils and all that jazz, mostly used on runes,scrolls…etc.

this is the only written language Aomi can read and write but started using it at a time where Aoenru was not used anymore since it was thought to be a Shadow Demon script.
this alphabet went through some name changes since it was created back in 1997.
from Etrosian, Atartian…then i stuck with Aoenru..

Aoenru is a mix match of Ao & Rune.

Aomi= Mystery/Secrets or blue-green,blue,green
if i were to make this as a real font, it would all be lower case letters, have numbers 0-9
and these —-> & , ’ $ ! ( ) . ?
the picture above is a key as to what each symbol is.
the brush set is in order, numbers, punctuation and alphabet.
this script can be written out like normal english or words/sentences formed vertically. up and down/ side to side.
Aoenru is property of Teni.S.
I WISH i had a program to make fonts for this set :(
i don’t know of any free ones.
most trial versions do not let me save the font i make