Any Silent Hill fan will recognize the symbol here and any true fan will know what is wrong with it.
This symbol is called The Halo Of The Sun. In heraldry, it used by a religious group/ cult called The Order.
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Halo Of The Sun:
 The two outer circles are charity and resurrection; the three inner circles are present, past, and future. Usually drawn in red. Occasionally drawn in black or other colors, but blue reverses the meaning into a curse on God and is therefore forbidden.

This symbol was used by Alessa to represent herself, her other self Cheryl, and the combination of selves, Heather. Walter Sullivan used it to represent his and his mother’s rebirth, after performing the The 21 Sacraments
Town With A Dark Secret: Silent Hill has enough dark secrets for 20 small towns. : killing of Native Americans in an inquisition, witch burning, plague, torture, secret prisons, child abuse, rape, drug dealing, demons, ghosts, kidnapping, orphans, child sacrifices, cults, tons of murders, serial killers, multiple conspiracies, animal abuse, two evil parallel dimensions, and at least three dark gods – one of which supposedly used to be nice before all of the above drove it nuts.
The Order is divided into several sects. So far only three sects are known of. These are the sect of the Holy Mother; the sect of the Holy Woman; and the sect of Valtiel.
The Order believes that paradise is only brought forth through bloodshed,terror and relentless agony.
The Order ‘s main god was MADE BY MAN.
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