Aomi Kitten Little Catgirl. Originally Posted: March 14, 2010

Aomi Kitten! Or as my friend yelled ” Oh an Aomi Loli…” He looked dismayed D:
Here she’s decked out in a cyan/teal trimmed black dress with slight frills and frilly socks and such. A set of bracelets and rainbow earrings.

She is clutching a fish toy, her favourite.( AKA the morph ball) And her ladybug, Drop is perched on her shoulder.
She’ll chase her fish plush, snuggle it lots, toss it into the air and flop about trying to seize it and then after wards pig out on milk and strawberries and then take a lonnnng nap.

Although she is long legged/limbed she’s not very tall. There will be a series of these Aomi Kittens heehee, each with her sporting a different outfit and the like.  Aomi ages slowly, it takes 6 human years for her to age 1 demon year. So when a human turns 36 Aomi turns 6.