I had an urge to draw The Hybrid and I used one of my templates because  I was in a hurry ( LAZY) and blasted this monstrosity together. Which explains why it looks familiar and crappy. ;D of course this is not the first hybrid, there was another one I had made in 2009. this one: http://aomiarmster.deviantart.com/art/Demon-Shekintari-Amorairmtes-115755009
I am thinking of dubbing that old one a Chimera-type Aomi and not the Imoa & Aomi spawn.
This is what happens when
Aomi Armster: http://imoa.deviantart.com/art/Aomi-168634234
Imoa Retsmra: http://aomiarmster.deviantart.com/art/Imoa-Retsmra-210602018
do things ( like die and reincarnate and split forms and die and birth many clones in order to absorb them) and BAANG the above is made.

This is… Moia Remstar

Moia is a mix & match of Aomi and Imoa.

I don’t know exactly why she has pinky ear-insides but considering Aomi and Imoa both do, I had to hulk that over. Yes, her hair is white,black,red,teal.  She has “candy hair” and she smells like mints & roses , quite a terror to the nostrils.
she has black irises and one cyan pupil and one red one.  unlike Aomi, Moia has very good vision and she can read the written word.
( Aomi was cursed at a young age to be unable to read in order not to learn/read spells and revolt against  her/his master)  Imoa’s issues are half and half and depends on how much energy she’d be able to hold in.
more pictues of Aomi and Imoa:

Moia’s theme colours revolve around grey, purples and white/black.
Moia is a  very curious demon. SHE LOVES TO EXPLORE and cause havoc, loves to climb stuff, jump all over the place, likes to hurl herself from heights- she likes the feeling of flight and air which is where her magic is focused at, anything sparkly, rainbowy and gravity defiant.  and love love loves naps. Since she’s the product of the two demons she’s  a bit more unpredictable- from  being very very calm and calculating to becoming a spontaneous disaster.

she has a light frame and is short but she makes up for it by having devastating strength. Moia tends to “rocket into things, she doesn’t have to hit hard at all she just… knows where to hit.
if you are wondering how in the hell two female demons had a “baby” it is simple„ Aomi and Imoa basically fused their orbs together along with lots of hair, blood, bits of flesh, nails,bones and a lot of “magic”.  With all these things, they willed a form, a shape, a being and the orb took care of the rest and Moia plopped out of the chaotic mess.  As for why, they just  had to know if they could, see where she gets her curiosity?

In some of the arcane/occult/magic/wizardry/natural circles what Aomi and Imoa did was an affront to nature and magic.
All this immense disapproval of her existence  has made…things a bit difficult but extremely fun.  

Although she avoids conflict and will only fight a last resort—she is not afraid to use her abilities when she has to defend herself. She has odd tricks, such as: an unpleasant frequency which result in deaths(by breaking things down), fires(horrifying friction) and deadly frost(some kind of vacuum).

Moia also uses “death from above” attacks, raining sharp, heavy diamond shards on her foes repeatedly or the reverse, making them burst up out of the ground. and sometimes both at the same time.

 She mostly likes to crash into her enemies at very high speeds  while mimicking a sharp blade—-which confuses most that examine the corpses she leaves behind. They are found having “many, many slash type wounds” instead of blunt trauma/bruising.