Yeah, this is the Paradise girl-neon sign in the nightclub Heaven’s Night in Silent Hill.

Paradise Stamp

While I was browsing around town, I noticed a lot of nightclubs,bars, taverns and cafes, Silent Hill seems/seemed like a “hip” joint for such an quiet, barely active town.

Although, Heather wasn’t too fond of being there, she disdainfully captioned the sign as “Some paradise.” this can mean many things, of course she was in Silent Hill..almost after all that horror she had to experience. I’m sure most do… I mean you just don’t haul your ass off to Silent Hill without some serious reason.. I guess.

The town seems like a place to escape anyway…

I wonder what Silent Hill Tavern would’ve been like… or Quiet Cocktail. I remember rushing down Nathan St and on the way back on the right side of the roads, there were billboards, I think I saw a cowgirl ad for Heaven’s Night.
Getting this sign’s picture was a PAIN IN THE ASS. I had to run the game on my PC (the other one, not this old monster) Had to screw myself silly just getting into the nightclub through gameplay. I didn’t want to sift through 9384639864398 textures. I took a screen shot then etc etc. Here we go. A stamp… thing.. sign.