Aomi Succubus

Aomi is a type of shadow demon called a Shekintari. Aomi shapeshifts.

The price for learning this form was the loss of flight. Succubus Aomi cannot fly or glide. Being a Shekintari is not easy. Aomi bit off more than she could chew, her wings were ravaged by magic in a way so horrible they could never heal.

She just had to start a fight just when she learned this new form WITHOUT figuring out how things work for this form.

This did not stop Aomi from learning the ways of Succubi. With Shazdeh (youkai-hime) in tow, Aomi learned to manipulate her dark armor/bodyparts/weaponry (the black stuff you see on her body.)

When Aomi understood her limits and her abilities she hunted the High Elf that destroyed her wings and made a skirt with her hide. Not that Aomi would wear a skirt…

As other training of Succubi-ism…goes
Aomi was not for sleeping with countless men to gain power, she found that distasteful, instead she decided to harness the more.. vampiric ability. To take the blood is to take the soul. That is what the red X’s on her fingertips are, she drains via her hand. Aomi broke a fang and she no longer can feast the ‘regular way’.

Her wings behave as decoration, her tail is whippy-fast-coated & with poison. Aomi can hover a few feet off the ground with magic, the blackness that are on her hands/feet can extend into long pikes, shoot spikes, or whip out tentacles or hooks and chains. Her shoes are not shoes at all, they are hooves! The blackness keeps the cloven hooves together and the black heel is a weapon, that shoots spikes and extends.

Aomi can impale with one kick! Or both feet, or she’ll peddle her feet into an enemy.

Succubus Aomi currently works for the Church(figure that out, the Church hiring monsters to kill other monsters) slaying monsters and non-believers(much to youkai-hime’s protesting), why? No one knows.
Maybe Aomi has a grudge.