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    Silent Hill: Reboots and My Thoughts 

    We all have to know what the art/movie/writer/acting industry is like, it is a hard, fun, vicious type of place to swim/work in. There is a lot of ass-kissing that may have to be paid sometimes not, depends on what you got.

    It is never wrong to want what is yours but eh, it is life, we can’t all get what is rightfully ours, specially when dealing with tyrants. So the rest of the world tells you to shut the fuck up and go on with your life, you are not going to get what you worked for, you didn’t get it BACK THEN you won’t get it now.

    Gee, thank you world.

    This entire fiasco with Guy Cihi (Original voice actor for James Sunderland) and Troy Baker( the new James)  has made my head spin, because both have a point and there is a time & place where we just have to except reality. Have any of the other original voice actors spoken up about Konami’s reboot/re-casting?

    Simply put, it is a type of world where you have to powerbomb people, slit throats to get anywhere.

    Now, Konami is somewhat ‘rebooting’ /making the games go into High-Definition graphics and whatnot  ( I own all the old games) so I don’t feel as conflicted as I did before, I was wary of this LETS MAKE NEW THINGS FOR THE NEW GAMERS, that’s fine.

    I can’t paint the picture of the current-time gamer, how they think and feel. I don’t know if they grasp story or emotion.  I have to face it, most of the gamers I  know are my age and we’re ‘old’. I am not hating on any reboots because I can see why these things can happen.  As Troy had said, the old games are still there, feel free to dive back in. However, give nods where they are due! The originals.

    But can we ever see an old game in a more current form?

    The Silent Hill reboots have kind of put me on edge in a sense where I can’t grasp where people stand anymore as far as what they want out of the series. They’ve gotten used to some sort of template on way the game SHOULD BE.

    I have no template for it, Team Silent and Konami ( BACK THEN) made a fine point ( Albeit unintended) that such a setting can go in any direction. That here isn’t just one way you can wind up in town and there isn’t just one way you can venture about, that there isn’t just one way you can deal with the problems.

    As far a playability and shitting your pants, most people want to fight and hide, feel uncomfortable, get pulled into a sense of unease while trying to get out of a sticky situation. Some want to be the cause of the unease and sticky situation. Most want to explore, I can’t stress how many times I’ve died in games simply because wanted to see everything around me.

    Some want story to drive them, in Silent Hill 5, that’s what happened, I didn’t like the fighting system( lol it scared me), but the plot made me feel so bad I had to pull through, I wanted the truth and I wanted to punish someone.

    Shattered Memories, no fighting, all running. It got  A LOT OF FLACK for that, I can see why but I also see why that action is taken away, how nerve wrecking is it that you have to RUN AND HIDE constantly? What does that say about the mind and the environment?

    When I play Amnesia: The Dark Descent , I am reminded of Shattered Memories, I CAN’T FIGHT them, I RUN AND HIDE.  What do they all have in common? Searching, exploring, investigating, trying to find a who/what/when/where/why/how for arrival and escape, truth, finality, more adventure.

    I don’t know exactly how to feel about what is going on with the series, I hadn’t put my finger on it back then and I certainly can’t do it now. I feel defeated I guess.

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    I would like to say again that there is no AomiArmster on  World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft, or any other of the Blizzard games on ANY of the servers US/Worldwide. If you see an AomiArmster on those games then that AomiArmster is an imposter/fake. One of those types of people that enjoys using other peoples’
    SN’s/usernames. Basically, an uncreative jackass.

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    The Strawberry Watermelons

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    The Strawberry Watermelons

    I’m posting these materials for future use.

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