This is the Fukuro Lady. This is also my second gif. She is found in Silent Hill and I made this gif using the Art of Silent Hill: Fukuro video.

“Just before the shift to the otherworld in the hospital, the nurse Lisa who appears in the first game can be seen. The purpose of including this is to show that Alessa’s influence on the otherworld grows stronger as she regains her memories. It indicates that even after the first game she continues to suffer in the otherworld. Although a nurse appears in a similar fashion in the church as well, this does not have anything to do with Lisa.
(Masahiro Ito)”

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Fukuro Lady has pretty green shoes!

The Book Of Lost Memories confirms that the Fukuro Lady is in fact the reincarnation of Lisa Garland still being tormented for her actions in the first Silent Hill. Others believe that she is just another nurse, though her textures are unique and she is the only entity seen consorting with Valtiel throughout Silent Hill 3.

The Fukuro Lady can be seen in the following places in Silent Hill 3:

  • The ladder in the area connecting Brookhaven Hospital to the Otherworld. (Suspended above Valtiel)
  • The transparent room in Brookhaven Hospital. (Valtiel is holding her legs while she squirms)
  • Amongst the scaffolding in the Church Underground