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    Even in daytime, darkness will cover the sun. The dead will walk, and martyrs will burn in the fires of hell. Everyone will die. Dahlia Gillespie , Silent Hill
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    Various Nordic Mythology Creatures 

    A compilation of various Nordic mythology creatures.

    It’s actually more Danish than Norwegian.
    The Norwegians had surprisingly few creatures besides trolls and huldras.

    All information and art are from Humon  : http://humon.deviantart.com/

    Party Party Folks –

    From left to right: Näcken (nix), trold/troll, lygtemand (light/lamp man), ellepige (elf girl made of mist), nisse/tomte (gnome), dwarf, huldra (a form of elf), slattenpatte (saggy breast,a form of elf/troll), mosekone (bog woman, another form of elf), huldufólk (elf from Iceland).

    I love Nordic mythology creatures far more than what’s healthy.
    When people want to use one of these guys in a story they often ask me which other mythological creatures they usually interact with, and the answer is: all of them. It’s pretty popular to draw them all partying together, for example.

    When using these creatures it’s important to understand that they are considered a people, with each race having their own society, norms and laws (except näcken who is a more solitary creature). So they have every day lives, meet, make friends and fight each other across races.

    Also, one thing they all have in common is that if humans treat them right they will be helpful and make friends with the humans, but if humans disrespect them they will take revenge. Some are easier than others to befriend. The nisse/tomte lives on farms and will help the farmer as long as he remembers to feed him and don’t tease the nisse/tomte too much. The trolls are pretty easy as well (at least in Denmark and parts of Sweden). The various elfs however are more difficult and humans should only ever interact with them if they know what they’re doing, or the elfs will make them go crazy.

    And don’t forget, they have special power over people who think about sex.

    Baddie Baddies –

    Helhesten (Hel Horse): It’s death in the form of a horse. It walks around at night on it’s three legs (or missing it’s head), and should you hear it come your way don’t look at it. It comes to collect a soul, but anyone else who sees it will die as well a few days later.

    Maren: Creatures known in many countries, who rides sleeping people, causing nightmares, but in the North it is said to be a human who turns into this creature at night and goes to hug those they love in a deadly grip. In some versions it is said that men turn into werewolves and women into maren.

    Hvidslangen (White Snake): A huge white snake that is usually surrounded by millions of normal snakes, all twirling around it’s body to protect it. It is said to bring death and sorrow.

    Kirkevare (Church protector): A very powerful spirit that protects churches, and are the enemies of the nature spirits. There are many stories of how people tried to build a church, but during the night the trolls would tear it all down because they hated the sound of the church bells. To prevent this people would use and ancient method from heathen times and bury a living creature on the building site. To make it more Christian they often used a lamb, but it could be any animal or even a human. The spirit would then protect the place from bjergfolk and ellefolk, and show itself to people who were about to die and were to be buried in the local graveyard.

    Kirkegrim: Another creature buried alive under churches, usually a black sow, which was far more dangerous than the kirkevare. While the kirkevare took care of the nature spirits, the kirkegrim took care of humans, both the dead and the living. They chased away children who played in the graveyard, or young people who wanted a peaceful place to make love. They also chased the souls of evil people out of the graveyard where they turned into night ravens. A more peaceful job was to show the priest where to bury the dead.

    Natteravn (Night raven): The souls of evil people who did not deserve to be buried in the church’s graveyard. Quite fond of hacking people’s eyes out.

    Den Sorte Mand (The black man): A very scary creature said to live in wells. He has no purpose other than to scare the living daylight out of people who come to collect water and pull them down if they’re not quick enough.

    Valravn (War raven): A raven that has eaten of the dead on a battlefield and has gained human intelligence that way. If they drink the blood of a newborn boy they will be able to turn into a knight, or as here, a half wolf half raven creature. Extreamly evil and dangerous. Can be befriended if you give it your firstborn baby.

    All information and art are from Humon  : http://humon.deviantart.com/

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