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    No, Anarcrothe. I am its savior! The Circle was damned before my deeds. At the onset I blamed Ariel. She was the Balance of the Circle. She and Nupraptor with their love, threatened us all. With their union, how could there be Balance? Yes, I killed her, but Nupraptor’s vengeance, for me, ‘twas both blessing and curse. His pain split my soul in two. Part of me shared his anguish, a grief so fierce, it would destroy the world – and yet the other, found revelation… For the first time, through the haze of madness, I saw truth. The problem did not lie in one of us – it lay in us all! We are relics, old friend, remnants of an era long gone, seeking to play gods in a world that no longer needs us. Our deaths shall resurrect the world. Mortanius, Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
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    Background: Officially, Wizards are renegade spell casters who “use their bodies as vessels for arcane energy, forsaking the more careful path favored by other magic users.” They don’t care about the caution and safety that mages and sorcerers learn in the academies throughout Sanctuary. Instead, they use arcane power to disintegrate, burn, and freeze their foes while also having the ability to manipulate light and time to teleport, create illusions, and deflect oncoming attacks.

    Some of the key features of a Wizard include area attacks, protective spells, elemental mastery, and endless energy. Area attacks are spells that can hit large groups of enemies at once and punish them for standing close together. In Diablo 3 many of the enemies come in packs, and the Wizard excels at taking these large packs out quickly. Protective spells are basically what the Wizard uses as defense. They can encase themselves in ice or diamonds to absorb damage, or they can create mirror images to confuse their enemies. Protective spells also allow Wizards to snare and slow down enemies if they happen to somehow get their hands on you.

    The main feature that you’ll be using when it comes to Wizard is their ability to master the elements. Having power over flames, lightning, ice, and wind Wizards can use these elements to target their foes’ weaknesses and destroy them. Finally, with the Wizard’s endless energy and ability to quickly regenerate their arcane power they can almost cast their weaker spells if they find themselves in a pinch.

    Diablo 3

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    Soul Reaver 2: Historical Timeline 

    Historical Timeline

    Before Nosgoth’s Recorded History

    • Genesis of the Pillars of Nosgoth.
    • Formation of the Circle of Nine, sorcerer-guardians sworn to protect and serve the Pillars.
    • The Reaver is forged.

    Nosgoth’s Early History

    – Over 500 years before Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

    • Nosgoth’s vampire population increases.

    The Vampire Purge begins

    • The order of the Sarafan is formed to counter the vampire menace.
    • The human Raziel is born, and becomes a Sarafan warrior-priest.
    • The vampire Vorador slaughters six of the Circle for their sponsorship of the Sarafan crusade.
    • Raziel of the Sarafan dies in combat, and is entombed with the Sarafan martyrs.
    • The Sarafan crusade ceases.

    The Vampire Purge ends

    History preceding BO:LoK

    • Kain travels nearly 50 years into Nosgoth’s past.

    – Altered Historical Timeline begins

    • Kain assassinates the young king William the Just, who will become the Nemesis.
    • Kain discovers another Time Streaming Device and returns to Nosgoth’s present.
    • Mortanius, the Guardian of Death, is possessed by a dark entity.

    The Corruption of the Pillars begins

    • Ariel, the Guardian of Balance, is murdered; the human Kain is born, destined to take her place.
    • Ariel’s murder triggers a chain of events, resulting in the corruption of the Circle, and the decay of the Pillars.
    • The nobleman Kain is assassinated.

    Events of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

    • In the underworld, the necromancer Mortanius offers Kain the chance to avenge his murder. Kain accepts the offer, and is reborn as a vampire.
    • Kain hunts down and destroys the corrupt Circle Guardians, restoring each of the Pillars in turn.
    • Kain meets the ancient vampire Vorador.
    • Kain discovers the Soul Reaver within Avernus Cathedral, and claims it for his own.
    • Kain joins forces with King Ottmar’s Army of Hope, to confront the Legions of the tyrant Nemesis.
    • The Armies of Hope are decimated; Kain activates the Time Streaming Device, and is propelled nearly 50 years back in time.

    – The path of History goes off on a tangent at this point, reflecting the ‘new’ present-day Nosgoth

    • Kain returns to present-day Nosgoth… and discovers that assassinating William 50 years ago triggered a renewed vampire purge.
    • Vorador is executed; Kain is the only surviving vampire in Nosgoth.
    • Kain confronts and kills Moebius, the Guardian of Time.
    • Kain confronts Mortanius, the final Guardian, at the Pillars. Mortanius is destroyed as the Dark Entity possessing his body emerges; Kain defeats the Dark Entity in combat.
    • With Mortanius’ death, all but the Balance Pillar are restored.
    • Kain realizes finally that he is the Balance Guardian, and therefore the last of the Nine. He must choose between sacrificing himself to heal the world… or preserving his life and ruling Nosgoth in its damnation
    • Kain refuses the sacrifice, ensuring the Pillars’ collapse.

    Era following BO:LoK

    – 400 years after Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

    • The events of Blood Omen 2.

    – Roughly a century later

    • Kain sets the ruined Pillars as the seat of his new empire, and the unrestored Balance Pillar as the base of his throne.
    • Kain raises his six vampire lieutenants from the corpses of the Sarafan martyrs; Raziel is reborn as a vampire.

    Events of Soul Reaver

    – A millenium passes

    • Raziel evolves, growing wings – for this transgression, Raziel is executed by being cast into the Abyss

    – Centuries later

    • Raziel is revived by the mysterious Elder God at the bottom of the Abyss and is reborn as a reaver of souls.
    • Raziel returns to reap the vampires’ apostate souls and take his revenge on his vampire brethren and his creator, Kain.
    • Raziel confronts Kain within the ruins of the Pillars sanctuary; Kain attacks Raziel with the Soul Reaver, his ancient sword – the blade is destroyed on impact. Now a wraith blade, the Soul Reaver intertwines with Raziel and becomes his symbiotic weapon.
    • Raziel pursues Kain through Moebius’s ancient Chronoplast time portal, and is plunged into Nosgoth’s past. Soul Reaver 2 begins…
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    Now, at last, the masks had fallen away. The strings of the puppets had become visible, and the hands of the prime mover exposed. Most ironic of all was the last gift that Raziel had given me, more powerful than the sword that now held his soul, more acute even than the vision his sacrifice had accorded me – the first bitter taste of that terrible illusion: Hope. Kain, Legacy of Kain: Defiance
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    You pathetic creature – you haven’t got a clue. The seduction of the Circle and possession of Mortanius; Ariel’s murder; the corruption and collapse of the Pillars: all orchestrated as a prelude to this moment. We sought an incorruptible vessel, and you provided one. We required the blood of our ancient enemy, and you delivered Janos Audron – having first been lured to the Heart of Darkness. Best of all, you murdered the Scion of Balance to get it. We’ve already won. Hylden Lord, Legacy of Kain: Defiance
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    I cannot help you – even if I was inclined to. I crafted the Reaver blade, but only at the behest of my sire, Janos Audron. What sorcery he and the others laid upon the sword afterward, I cannot say. Vorador, Legacy of Kain: Defiance
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    You must act quickly. But beware – an ancient evil dwells within, long Unspoken among our kind. Undoubtedly this is the source of the corruption that infects the Circle. If you are to succeed, you must resist its influence. Vorador, Legacy of Kain: Defiance
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    An Aomi Vampire

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    How strange to see this place long before my birth… centuries before the corruption set in that would poison the land, and put me on the treacherous path I still followed. In the future, these edifices would be condemned to darkness and decay. I would cause their fall, and build my empire upon their ruins. Was it still possible that with the right knowledge, the right moves, I might one day see Nosgoth restored, the Pillars pure once more? My answer – according to Moebius – lay somewhere to the west of this place. I could restore the world, perhaps. But never again could I give Nosgoth back her innocence. Kain, Legacy of Kain: Defiance
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    How many vampires have you killed? And you can’t face down one ghost? Male Vampire Hunter, Mobieus’s mercenaries, Legacy of Kain: Defiance
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