I can not fathom what my Evie, Orsa, is screaming at.  ( obviously this is a cap of a mid-attack)

oh, Vindictus, you so mad.


the insider joke was that Orsa was on her way to Silent Hill when the carriage broke down ( the horses got mauled by CREATURES) and then Orsa got hit by another carriage.

ah, traffic.

if you are wondering how Silent Hill and Vindictus could play ‘nice’ is very simple, take a gander-hoot at Silent Hill’s celtic tomfoolery in Silent Hill 3. Vindictus deals with celtic mayhem.

mix and match! MIX AND MATCH.    take Ainle for example!

Vindictus has sorcery!

Silent Hill has sorcery! 

imagine a scenario of Silent Hill takin place in Ireland or Wales. ahahahaha!