TERA online and my lovely Elin Sorcerer

I have a lvl 34 Elin Sorcerer, she’s bloody adorable and a force to reckon with. I love her little outfits and shoes, she’s got hare ears/tail and cyan hair and cyan eyes (blue).

As far as the default sorcerers go, I WISH I WISH they had a self healing ability like the Priest does. If that seems to OP the sorcerer, well, I say gonk the attack spell cool downs- make them longer or make the self-heal ‘s ability pretty stunted. I also wish that we could RUN AND ATTACK and JUMP AND ATTACK too.

If I wanted to JOUST I would’ve stuck to Fallen Earth.

I wish that the Flame Pillar could also make a circular shock-wave like the Mystic’s Metamorphic Blast.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with the sorcerer as is and I am not complaining.

I also wish that I could gear my sorcerer towards more ice type attacks. ;_;

I also also also wish my Elin had another idle animation (they have two that I know of) – the same one that human mages have in Forsaken World!  spparrkkkleeees.


Handle: Aomi

Server: Serpentis Isle.

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Elin

lvl: 34