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    Gods bleed.

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    Thor!Loki and Avengers!Loki screaming.

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    Spelunking in Jotunheim

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    Relevant runes. 

    The Rune Site




    Sound: “th”
    Stands for: Thorn (or Giant)
    Color: White
    Casting meaning: This rune represents the ability we have to resist unwanted conflicts in a passive manner. It is a rune of protection and can tell us of a possible change that would have otherwise come without warning. You can use the protection aspect of Thurisaz as a defense against adversaries.




    Sound: “aa” as in “aah”
    Stands for: Mouth (or Divine Breath)
    Color: Purple
    Casting meaning: Ansuz is a rune that symbolizes stability and shows us order. It is also a rune that indicates intellectual activities and directly represents the divine breath of all life and creation.




    Sound: “k”
    Stands for: Torch
    Color: Yellow
    Casting meaning: Kenaz is a rune of knowledge, understanding, learning and teaching. It allows us to view situations with more clarity than we normally would.




    Sound: “i”, “ee” as in “east”
    Stands for: Ice
    Color: Brown (Black)
    Casting meaning: Like an icicle formed at the start of winter, with this rune we can only wait until the warmth of the sun allows us to be free from a constricting form. Isa represents a halt in activity until a change is made.




    Sound: “b”
    Stands for: Birch Tree (or Birch Twig)
    Color: White (Blue)
    Casting meaning: Like the birch tree coming to life from a seed planted in the earth, Berkana represents a new beginning and is also a powerful birth rune.




    Sound: “d”
    Stands for: Day
    Color: Yellow
    Casting meaning: Dagaz represents a stability between opposites, such as light and dark. It can stop harmful energy from getting to you but at the same time allow the good energy to slip through so that you can make good use of it.




    Sound: “io” as in “helios”
    Stands for: The World Serpent
    Casting meaning: Ior symbolizes dual natures, evident in the amphibious habits of many water beasts (like the World Serpent). It also signifies the unavoidable hardships in life that we can do nothing about, but should still not worry about.

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    Koorlith likes the colour similarities of Thor and Loki’s weapons.

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    The tone of my performance… I suppose the tone of my performance is up to Kenneth [Branagh] right now (laughs). He hasn’t finished cutting it up, but I gave him lots of options and I gave him a lot of relish with that mischief is glee and that [there’s] a real twinkle in his eye that he takes in being a badass, as you guys are fond of saying.

    There’s a vulnerability there to show that this guy is hurting deeply inside. It’s funny, with the performance in the costume I found myself quite often on my own sometimes on set. Quite often in the scenes Loki is off with an energy on his own. There’s a lot of banter going on with the warriors three, Sif, and actually, Loki is not a part of that. Oddly, during the shooting of it I’d find myself in my own little world cooking up a particular flavor, but a particular type of flavor.

    Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki )
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    He’s certainly not an anarchist who wants to burn the house down. I think he has an inner conviction. He loves a practical joke, he loves mischief and he loves playing around. He loves starting a bonfire in the next room and hearing people scream, but nobody would be killed. After he finds out his whole life has been a lie and that he doesn’t belong anywhere there’s a very truthful psychological root that you could see is motivated by pain.

    He’s motivated by an anger and by being left out in the cold. He doesn’t seem to have anyone that loves him or truly appreciates him. Essentially, he’s competing with Thor for the love and acceptance from Odin as a son. Maybe [it’s] a huge sci-fi, fantastical epic set in the norse heaven of Asgard, but when you boil it down it’s a story about a dad and two boys. Those two boys are warring for that father’s love and that’s where the villainy, aggression and rage comes from.

    Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki )
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    Entirely. I think Loki grows up with an older brother who he loves and respects. They play, they banter and they bash each other about, but there is a latent jealousy. Craig Kyle – one of our producers – always used to talk about the analogy of the quarterback and the artist. Thor is the quarterback. He’s a chip off the old block and he’s just like his dad. Loki’s problem is, maybe not his problem, but [that] he’s more drawn to the powers of intellect, magic, and the dark arts.

    He’s not going to be out in the fields throwing a hammer around. That’s just not where his passion lies. There’s a disconnect with Odin and there’s a disconnect with Thor. He loves them very much, but he’s not just made of the same stalk. In the course of the film there’s a big reveal both for Loki and the audience about the truth of Loki’s true lineage and who his real parents are. I think that begets any jealous that was within him towards Thor develops into a dark, cancerous rage that then becomes a destructive rage.

    Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki )
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    Main focus is the top(the first one) set, the Elder Futhark

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    Thurisaz – Rune Meaning 

    Thurisaz – “Thor-is-as” – Literally: “Thurses” or “Giants” – Esoteric: Strong one, Resistance

    Key Concepts: Unconscious forces, sociological forces, Thor, Loki as giant, chaos, destruction by natural forces, complexities of aggression, conflicts, disputes, psychological problems,  lightning, breakthrough, aggressive male sexuality, battering down barriers, thorn of awakening, trouble, enthusiasm

    Psi: enthusiasm, struggle against unconsciousness, male sexual prowess

    Energy: enthusiasm, self-empowerment, chaos, active defensive force, breaker of resistance, destructive storms

    Mundane: storms, tools, weapons, conflict

    Reactive force, directed force, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst, constructive conflict; or danger, defenselessness, compulsion, betrayal, dullness, disease, explosive violence, annoyance, strife

    Destruction of enemies, curses binds and fetters
    Awakening of the will to action
    Breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind and spirit
    Increased potency and prowess in romantic relationships
    Understanding of the division and separation of all things
    Aiming the use of psychic force
    The combination of right/left brain processes for generating powerful realization


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