He’s certainly not an anarchist who wants to burn the house down. I think he has an inner conviction. He loves a practical joke, he loves mischief and he loves playing around. He loves starting a bonfire in the next room and hearing people scream, but nobody would be killed. After he finds out his whole life has been a lie and that he doesn’t belong anywhere there’s a very truthful psychological root that you could see is motivated by pain.

He’s motivated by an anger and by being left out in the cold. He doesn’t seem to have anyone that loves him or truly appreciates him. Essentially, he’s competing with Thor for the love and acceptance from Odin as a son. Maybe [it’s] a huge sci-fi, fantastical epic set in the norse heaven of Asgard, but when you boil it down it’s a story about a dad and two boys. Those two boys are warring for that father’s love and that’s where the villainy, aggression and rage comes from.

Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki )