The tone of my performance… I suppose the tone of my performance is up to Kenneth [Branagh] right now (laughs). He hasn’t finished cutting it up, but I gave him lots of options and I gave him a lot of relish with that mischief is glee and that [there’s] a real twinkle in his eye that he takes in being a badass, as you guys are fond of saying.

There’s a vulnerability there to show that this guy is hurting deeply inside. It’s funny, with the performance in the costume I found myself quite often on my own sometimes on set. Quite often in the scenes Loki is off with an energy on his own. There’s a lot of banter going on with the warriors three, Sif, and actually, Loki is not a part of that. Oddly, during the shooting of it I’d find myself in my own little world cooking up a particular flavor, but a particular type of flavor.

Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki )