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    I never expected in my wildest dreams to play Thor’s Loki. Tom Hiddleston (x)
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    I have a shower when I get home and wash him away. I find running really helps, actually. It’s an immensely balancing thing in my life. I have all my best ideas when I’m running. I’ll run in the morning before going to work. With Marvel Avengers Assemble, I was usually sitting in the make-up chair at 5am so I was running at half past three. I think it’s something to do with punishment, self-inflicted, but also to do with getting oxygen to the brain at that time of day, then going to work. It means by the time you put the costume on, you’re really awake. Tom Hiddleston (x) (about Loki )
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    When I would take it off at the end of a scene, it would be like really letting the scene go. You’ve got two big horns and… the imagery is satanic. People who don’t know the comics as well, I’ve shown them the pictures … and they say, ‘You’re playing the devil. You’re playing an incarnation of the devil.’ And he is the Marvel agent of chaos. Tom Hiddleston ( x )
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    I used to watch Michael Keaton’s Batman on a loop. I loved it and I loved The Joker. You can get very intellectual about it. It’s almost like superheroes are a kind of modern mythology that are a bit like the Greek or Roman gods. They unite people because they can project their understanding of life on to these massive characters, with all of the same frailty that we have. They all suffer the same pride and vanity and virtue. Tom Hiddleston (x)
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    He has changed things a bit! I never would have expected in my wildest dreams to be cast as Loki. I’m not immediately identifiable as a kind of planet Earth-subjugating, autocratic villain and fascist. People who’d seen Cranford wouldn’t say: ‘Yeah, the guy from Cranford would be really great for this.’ He has expanded people’s perception of what I might be capable of doing. Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki changing his life a tad )  [x] (via aomiarmster)
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    Sometimes you kill the dream by trying to conceive it in your imagination. My process of making my way in the world is to put one foot in front of the other. Tom Hiddleston (via aomiarmster)
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    @nbcsnl Tom Hiddleston ! For #snlhost 

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    Tom Hiddleston has to take showers to get the Loki off of him. Ami
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    Me: So tell me why you don’t believe Tom Hiddleston is Loki in the Avengers?
    Friend: Tom is a beaming star of light and joy and Loki is a walking soul sucking deity of agony and misplaced rage. Okay, I admit it, this is Tom Hiddleston but jesus, what an actor.

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    I never thought I would be playing the Norse God of Mischief. To terrorize the human race, and take over the planet because of some daddy issues. And some brother issues…and I WANT MY THRONE! Tom Hiddleston (Times Talks Madrid 2012)
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