Wouldn’t it be hilarious if while Loki and Thor were arguing, Cas just pops out of nowhere like “HEY ASSBUTT!” and attempts to Molotov them but then it doesn’t work, for obvious reasons and then they both turn, staring at Cas like ‘WTF?!’ and then Lucifer also pops out of nowhere like “Did you just attempt to Molotov these /Gods/ with Holy Fire?” and Cas is left stuttering an explanation before Lucifer snaps his fingers and Cas explodes… Okay so maybe it isn’t as hilarious as I thought.

That would scenario would just be a terrible influence on Loki. Ah, poor Cas

1. He might convince himself that he could make things explode by snapping his fingers. But then he CAN because his mind is just that terrifying.

2. He’d live up to his pyromaniac tendencies and molly just about everything.

Poor Thor…