Here is my throw at Loki’s twin-snake symbolism. ( More of a nod to Jormungandr and Iormungandr – some demented form of sea snake here, threw in Aomi’s three stripes too.)  Of course there is no clear cut symbol for Loki as a whole, chaos archetypes tend not to have one and when they do they are out of place – lets say IT IS A COMPLETE PARADOX. A vortex wavelength if you will.

Ouroboros for another twist.. of twisting.

And yes, their tails are not in each others mouths. They’ve let go of their tails.


I based this off a pendant I saw here :

These snakes are the symbol of Loki and were found carved into large rune stones in Urnes, Norway. Loki was a shape-changer and trickster, a clever god who was as flexible as a serpent when wriggling himself out of trouble. Vikings believed that snakes, because they can shed their skin and renew themselves, were both wise and unique.

Interesting…Thor has two goats and Loki has two snakes…