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    You know when you’re playing Monster Hunter for far too long when you suddenly imagine Loki having a pet Kirin ( or some kind of goat-snake thing) that he raised. Oh you know how the magic folk are! 

    or that maybe Thor finds a baby kirin and likes it because it has the qualities of his and Loki’s symbolic animals.(goats & snakes)

    k, new headcannon for me, Thor finds baby Kirin on one of his adventures that Loki was not included in and Thor brings the kirin back as a present for Loki.


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    Loki’s helmet reminds me of a Bezoar Ibex. 

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    a day in the life of teni 

    angry hobo preacher : REPENT REPENT GODLESS HEATHENS
    (i come out of no where) me: YOU WILL KNEEL BEFORE LOKI!!!
    angry hobo preacher: *slips over self and rolls into street*
    me: Shit. *run away*

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    People love escapism and there should be a place for it. Part of the reason children love superhero films, and part of the reason I loved them as a child, is that it’s fantasy – it just appeals to your imagination and the whole point of having imagination is that you can escape into it and that’s what cinema still is. So absolutely – entertainment first, and if you’re lucky to make a piece of art at the same time, that’s good. Tom Hiddleston
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    I try to react with decorum! I just have to let it be water off a duck’s back. There was one instance where I was marginally insulted by somebody who dismissed Thor as a piece of ridiculous paper-thin lightweight entertainment. As if somehow it wasn’t deemed ‘proper work’ for a young actor. But that particular person had never attempted anything of that scale and I just had to say [to myself] ‘he doesn’t know – it’s fine’. Tom Hiddleston
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    Well, there was no room for egos on this set – it’s so funny how that’s the thing that everyone asks about. There was no place for an ego in a film of this size because everyone wanted it to be brilliant so that demanded the commitment and the professionalism of every single person. And apart from anything else, it’s a film about a team! And it would be so ironic if we were trying to make this film about how the achievements of the team are greater than the achievements of the individual and there were a load of individuals throwing their toys out of the pram and behaving like divas.

    But back to the wardrobe thing, it was very funny. There was a moment when I saw Chris Hemsworth being drilled into his costume because one of the discs on his breast-plate had fallen off and they literally had to get a power drill and drill it into his chest. And Mark Ruffalo – great classical actor of his generation – reduced to a Chinese chequerboard [wearing a black and white checked motion capture suit] and, y’know, Chris Evans and Scarlett flying the flag for spandex. And then there was me and my Rock Of Ages/Reindeer Games outfit. It was absolutely crazy.

    Tom Hiddleston
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    I think Joss was. He’s a really intelligent man. He’s fascinated by the different complexities of human beings. And it’s true – as human beings we do find it reassuring to be led. That’s why we’re so inspired by new political leaders who seem to possess the self-confidence that reassures us. So Loki is playing on an idea. Sometimes, being led and being united by leaders can be a cause of great good, but often it can be a cause for great evil.

    The Second World War is a good example: Winston Churchill was an extraordinary leader, people found it reassuring to follow him and be ruled by his instincts and he saved the world in many respects. And Adolf Hitler had the same charisma and he appealed to the same sensibility, but he completely manipulated the instinct. There are no certainties about human nature but sometimes there is a flock mentality – people like to follow and some people like to lead and all Loki is saying is [quotes line from movie] “it is the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation”.

    Tom Hiddleston
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    And what’s beautiful about superhero films is that they are redemption dramas and the good guys have to win because that’s what makes us feel good. And in order for them to win in the most satisfying way, you have to have a threat and a challenge for them to overcome, and in The Avengers, Loki is that challenge. So I had to accept all the work I did in Thor and all that heartbreak and then give myself up to the destructive elements of that character. Tom Hiddleston
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    Well, I knew that if I was rubbish in Thor, I wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near The Avengers. Actually, when I finally got the job in Thor, I went and sat in Kevin’s office and it was just to say hi and for him to say congratulations and shake my hand and to start the process. And I was so full of Thor and the world of Thor and what we were about to do, and then Kevin said ‘Can we talk about the Avengers?’ and I said ‘What’s that?’ and he said ‘Well, it’s this idea we have – we’re going to make Thor and then we’re going to make Captain America and then hopefully we’ll get to make The Avengers, which is when all of these superheroes come together’ and I thought ‘that is an extraordinary pipe dream’. And he said ‘Well, you know what happens is, in the very first edition of the very first Avengers comic which was published in 1963, Loki was the villain…and I think it might be interesting to replicate that’. And he was really excited about it and I think, in his mind, he was thinking ahead because that’s the kind of producer that he is. Tom Hiddleston
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