Well, I knew that if I was rubbish in Thor, I wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near The Avengers. Actually, when I finally got the job in Thor, I went and sat in Kevin’s office and it was just to say hi and for him to say congratulations and shake my hand and to start the process. And I was so full of Thor and the world of Thor and what we were about to do, and then Kevin said ‘Can we talk about the Avengers?’ and I said ‘What’s that?’ and he said ‘Well, it’s this idea we have – we’re going to make Thor and then we’re going to make Captain America and then hopefully we’ll get to make The Avengers, which is when all of these superheroes come together’ and I thought ‘that is an extraordinary pipe dream’. And he said ‘Well, you know what happens is, in the very first edition of the very first Avengers comic which was published in 1963, Loki was the villain…and I think it might be interesting to replicate that’. And he was really excited about it and I think, in his mind, he was thinking ahead because that’s the kind of producer that he is. Tom Hiddleston