Well, there was no room for egos on this set – it’s so funny how that’s the thing that everyone asks about. There was no place for an ego in a film of this size because everyone wanted it to be brilliant so that demanded the commitment and the professionalism of every single person. And apart from anything else, it’s a film about a team! And it would be so ironic if we were trying to make this film about how the achievements of the team are greater than the achievements of the individual and there were a load of individuals throwing their toys out of the pram and behaving like divas.

But back to the wardrobe thing, it was very funny. There was a moment when I saw Chris Hemsworth being drilled into his costume because one of the discs on his breast-plate had fallen off and they literally had to get a power drill and drill it into his chest. And Mark Ruffalo – great classical actor of his generation – reduced to a Chinese chequerboard [wearing a black and white checked motion capture suit] and, y’know, Chris Evans and Scarlett flying the flag for spandex. And then there was me and my Rock Of Ages/Reindeer Games outfit. It was absolutely crazy.

Tom Hiddleston