26. Tell me, Fiölsvith! etc.
    whether there be any weapon,
    before which Vidofnir may
    fall to Hel´s abode?

27. Hævatein the twig is named,
    and Lopt plucked it,
    down by the gate of Death.
    In an iron chest it lies
    with Sinmoera,
    and is with nine strong locks secured

41. Svipdag spake:
    “Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
    For now the truth would I know:
    What weapon can send Vithofnir to seek
    The house of Hel below?”

  42. Fjolsvith spake:
    “Lævatein is there, that Lopt with runes
    Once made by the doors of death;
    In Lægjarn’s chest by Sinmora lies it,
    And nine locks fasten it firm.”