Gods bleed.

What did you expect, hot air?

I love how Loki still resorts to the same knives he used on Asgard.

How sentimental of him.

Well, unless the Chitauri had made him new ones, what knives did you expect him to use?

I didn’texpecthim to use any knives.

However, you would think that given his incorrigible hatred for Asgard and his past right now, he would refrain from using the same knives as before. I mean, he changed his armor and he changed his usual choice of weapon.

Actually, by using thoseknives on Thor, it’s almost like a double ‘fuck you’ kind of gesture. While he had once fought mutual enemies with them, now he uses them on Thor.

He knew that tiny thing wouldn’t hurt Thor, he just was making a statement.

He poked Coulson as well. Why is it, with all the mazing godly powers, does he like to poke people to death?

I’ve stated before and it has been said before that Loki really likes his blades. REALLY LIKES HIS BLADES.  Loki has numerous types  of knives, unlimited amount of them. Loki will always have knives, daggers, blades because that is what he enjoys, doesn’t matter what sentimental nonsense might get in the way. In a way he is a living blade himself. He had been tormented for using his projectile weaponry ( they called him a coward for his ‘long distance’ attacks but we’ve seen him get into close combat too, so they were off the mark when it came to mocking him )  – that didn’t stop him then and I doubt having a stint in the abyss would stop him from using his blades.

What better weapon to KILL with than the very things that he was ridiculed over?