My favorite thing in the Edda, so far: Loki and Thor going on a journey in order to get stolen Miölnir back from the giant Thrym. Thrym, who asks for Freyja to be his bride in turn. So the council of ALL OF THE AESIR come up with the great plan to disguise Thor as Freya and Loki as her maid.

27. Thrym looked ‘neath the veil, | for he longed to kiss,
But back he leaped | the length of the hall:
“Why are so fearful | the eyes of Freyja?
Fire, methinks, | from her eyes burns forth.”

28. Hard by there sat | the serving-maid wise,
So well she answered | the giant’s words:
“No sleep has Freyja | for eight nights found,
So hot was her longing | for Jotunheim.”

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