in which Thor listens to Loki.

I was tired of seeing the quote ‘know your place, brother’ be used as an argument to say that Thor treated Loki like shit in the movie. In this scene we see the old arrogant Thor confront his enemies. He wants answers and he’s clearly angry. Notice that he was just humiliated in front of his brother and friends (which explains him being rude to Loki here, Thor doesn’t want to admit that Loki is right and that they are in fact outnumbered, it would mean admitting that he was wrong), but even after being humiliated and angry and frustrated he still listens to his brother and decides to give up. This is important, because this Thor is arrogant and reckless and he likes to court death, but in the end Loki’s words were more important to him than anything else [inspired by this].

EXACTLY. Thor doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong. Thor also acts this way because he’s worried about Loki. More often than not that I noticed he was trying to bring all the focus of the enemies upon himself and less upon Loki. Thor is actually quite terrifying when he’s in a rampage mode.  Thor doesn’t snap at his friends the same way either. Thor seems to not like Loki’s  at-first and out front strategy most of the time, I noticed this in the movie verse comics and games.