It’s mythology. It’s going to have different sources say different things about the same thing.

Can we just clear the air and say that Loki did get pregnant as a male IN THE MYTHOS?

Snorri Sturluson states in his Gylfaginning (34) that “[Loki]’s brothers are Býleistr and Helblindi”, and several Eddic texts use the Loki-kenning “brother of Býleistr” (bróðir Býleists) (Völuspá, 51; Hyndluljóð, 40; Skáldskaparmál, 16)


42. The wolf did Loki | with Angrbotha win,
And Sleipnir bore he | to Svathilfari;
The worst of marvels | seemed the one
That sprang from the brother | of Byleist then.

42. Probably a lacuna before this stanza. Regarding the wolf Fenrir, born of Loki and the giantess Angrbotha, cf. Voluspo, 39 and note. Sleipnir: Othin’s eight-legged horse, born of the stallion Svathilfari and of Loki in the guise of a mare (cf. Grimnismol, 44). The worst: doubtless referring to Mithgarthsorm, another child of Loki. The brother of Byleist: Loki; cf. Voluspo, 51.]