Why Loki pulls patricide.


Odin discovered a baby, Laufey’s son Loki, amongst the wreckage of the castle, and made the decision to raise him as his own. Laufey had kept Loki hidden as he was ashamed that Loki had been born a runt.

It was later retconned that Loki had been a child, rather than a baby, when Laufey was killed. The day prior to the battle, Loki had attempted to inform him of an opportunity to stealthily kill Odin prior to the battle. Laufey struck Loki for calling him a coward.The next day, after the fateful battle and Odin’s claiming of Loki as a son, Laufey was left wounded, but alive. A version of Loki from the future, who had traveled back in time to alter events, proceeded to decapitate him, stating that Laufey would never strike him again. He also made Odin adopt him.

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Then we got the unused portion of the script ( Thor movie )

          Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you.

          I’ve come alone and unarmed.

          To what end?

          To make you another proposition.


          So you’re the one who let us into

          You’re welcome.

          My men are dead, and I have no
          Casket. You are a deceiver.
          Laufey lashes out, grabs Loki around the throat, but Loki
          calmly stands his ground.

          You have no idea what I am.
          The blueness spreads across his face, as Laufey and the
          guards stare in shock. Loki grins.

          LOKI (CONT’D)
          Hello, Father.
          Laufey releases him. Loki’s body turns back to normal.
          Intrigued, Laufey sizes up his son.

          4th BLUE REVISIONS 03-26-10 76A.

          Ah, the bastard son. I thought
          Odin had killed you. That’s what I
          would have done. He’s as weak as
          you are.

          No longer weak. I now rule Asgard,
          until Odin awakens. Perhaps you
          should not have so carelessly
          abandoned me.
          This gives Laufey pause.

          Or perhaps it was the wisest choice
          I’ve ever made. I will hear you.