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    Misses Superficialskull aka Ask Thor&Loki, I finally found some time ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Please see this sketch as a “thank you” for your awesome work with your rp/ask-blog! (◕‿◕✿)

    AAVSHGFSHGFSADSGDFSAG;; thank you so much darling!!!!

    everyone, this is a lovely artist and u should follow this blog for reasons ;u;

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    I just thought that everyone needed to see this picture of the Cleveland Orchestra bass section dressed up as the Avengers

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    There will be Thor and Loki material soon ( and more mythos) , I just need time to maneuver all these bloody files, fix up some situations going on in life before I can post all these things. After all, this is what this Tumblr is for. Chaos. + Order

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    First Charm

        I know spells – no king’s wife can say – and no man has mastered; – one is called “Help” – because it can comfort – the sick and careworn, – relieve all sorrows.

    Intent: Help in sorrow or distress
    Primary rune: Fehu
    Supporting runes: Inguz, Laguz
    Second Charm

        I know another – which all men need – who hope to be healers.

    Intent: Healing
    Primary rune: Uruz
    Supporting runes: Jera, Sowulo
    Third Charm

        I know a third – if I should need – to fetter any foe; – it blunts the edge – of my enemy’s sword, – neither wiles nor weapons work.

    Intent: Fettering foes
    Primary rune: Thurisaz
    Supporting runes: Isa, Naudhiz
    Fourth Charm

        I know a fourth: – if I should find myself – fettered hand and foot, – I shout the spell – that sets me free, – bonds break from my feet, – nothing holds my hands.

    Intent: Release fetters
    Primary rune: Ansuz
    Supporting runes: Fehu, Inguz
    Fifth Charm

        I know a fifth: – in battle’s fury – if someone flings a spear, – it speeds not so fast – but that I can stop it – I only have to see it.

    Intent: Ability to stop a dart (spear)
    Primary rune: Raidho
    Supporting runes: Isa, Kenaz
    Sixth Charm

        I know a sixth: – if someone would harm me – by writing runes on a tree root, – the man who wished – I would not come to woe – will meet misfortune, not I.

    Intent: Return curse to sender
    Primary rune: Hagalaz
    Supporting runes: Jera, Raidho
    Seventh Charm

        I know a seventh: – if I see flames – high around a hall, – no matter how far – the fire has spread – my spell can stop it.

    Intent: To put out a fire
    Primary rune: Isa
    Supporting runes: Laguz, Naudhiz
    Eighth Charm

        I know an eighth – which no one on earth – could fail to find useful: – when hatred waxes – among warriors – the spell will soothe them.

    Intent: Ability to bring about reconciliation
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Mannaz, Wunjo
    Ninth Charm

        I know a ninth: – if I ever need – to save my ship in a storm, – it will quiet the wind – and calm the waves, – soothing the sea.

    Intent: Control sea winds
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Ansuz, Raidho
    Tenth Charm

        I know a tenth: – any time I see – witches sailing the sky – the spell I sing – sends them off their course; – when they lose their skins – they fail to find their homes.

    Intent: To confuse a spell sender
    Primary rune: Dagaz
    Supporting runes: Ehwaz, Laguz
    Eleventh Charm

        I know an eleventh: – if I lead to war – good and faithful friends, – under a shield I shout – the spell that speeds them – well they fare in the fight, – well they fare from the fight, – wherever they go they fare well.

    Intent: Protecting friends in battle
    Primary rune: Sowulo
    Supporting runes: Elhaz, Ansuz
    Twelfth Charm

        I know a twelfth: – if up in a tree – I see a corpse hanging high, – the mighty runes – I write and color – make the man come down – to talk with me.

    Intent: Necromancy
    Primary rune: Hagalaz
    Supporting runes: Teiwaz, Kenaz
    Thirteenth Charm

        I know a thirteenth: – if I pour water – over a youth, – he will not fall – in any fight, – swords will not slay him.

    Intent: Protecting a young warrior with water
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Inguz, Laguz, Elhaz
    Fourteenth Charm

        I know a fourteenth, – as men will find – when I tell them the tales of the gods: – I know all about – the elves and the Æsir – few fools can say as much.

    Intent: Knowledge of all Gods and elves
    Primary rune: Eihwaz
    Supporting runes: Ansuz, Mannaz
    Fifteenth Charm

        I know a fifteenth – that the dwarf Thjodrorir – chanted at Delling’s door: – power to the Æsir, – triumph to the elves, – understanding to Odin.

    Intent: Gives power to the Æsir, prowess to the elves and foresight to Odin
    Primary rune: Sowulo
    Supporting runes: Raidho, Kenaz
    Sixteenth Charm

        I know a sixteenth: – if I say that spell – any girl soon grants my desires; – I win the heart – of the white-armed maiden, – turn her thoughts where I will.

    Intent: To attract a lover
    Primary rune: Kenaz
    Supporting runes: Jera, Inguz
    Seventeenth Charm

        I know a seventeenth, – and with that spell – no maiden will forsake me.

    Intent: To keep romance in a marriage
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Inguz, Ehwaz
    Eighteenth Charm

        I know and eighteenth – which I never tell – a maiden or any man’s wife – the best of charms – if you can chant it; – this is the last of my lay – unless to a lady – who lies in my arms, – or I’ll sing it to my sister.

    Intent: Union of male and female
    Primary rune: To be discovered by the reader
    Supporting runes: To be discovered by the reader

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