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    Anagram Recap 

    Thor Odinson’s anagram name is DISHONOR NOT

    Loki Laufeyson’s anagram name is FOUL OILY SNAKE

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    Just admit it, be bloody honest. You know the whole issue was never about equality. It has and will always be about revenge. 

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    I am going to create single runes from the Ao Rune set I had posted a few days ago. This way I can add the image of the rune to the Rune of The Day posts. 

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    It’s mythology. It’s going to have different sources say different things about the same thing. 

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    Loki’s Children by Angrboða 



    Angrboda was a Jotunn witch who sowed seeds of discord wherever she went.  She was responsible for provoking the lust for gold, and cheating and murders in Midgard.  Acting on behalf of the Jotunns who desired to destroy the Aesir and Vanir, she had used her trickery to create a vast divide between the two.  She was eventually discovered and burned for her actions, but she was not so easily destroyed.  Her body burned away, but her heart did not.  From these remains, Angrboda was able to resurrect herself in entirety.  As long as her heart was intact, she could continue to revivify.

    The executors promptly attempted to burn the witch a second and third time, but each time, she resurrected, burned, and the heart remained.  Loki saw that this game would go on forever if they did not dispose of the heart, so before Angrboda could resurrect again, Loki rushed forward, pulled the heart from the flames, and swallowed it.

    Loki consuming Angrboda's heart

    But even with that, Angrboda’s evil was not completely destroyed.  From the heart he had swallowed, Loki gave birth to three beings: Fenriswulf, Midgardsormr (or Jormungandr, as it was called by the Jotunn), and Hela.  Fenriswulf, a large grey wolf, would go on to bite off the hand of the battle god Tyr, herald the beginning of Ragnarok by escaping his bonds, and destroy Odin in the final battle.  Midgardrsormr was a serpent who would grow so large he encircled the world, and in the final battle he would destroy the mighty Thor.  Hela, a normal woman on one half of her body and a corpse on the other, was the only one of the three who was not destined for evil.  She would go on to become caretaker for the dead who were not killed gloriously in battle, in the realm of Niflheim.

    Fenriswulf, Midgardsormr, Hela

    Angrboda’s evil also persisted in the tension she had introduced between the Aesir and Vanir.  Despite her death, her actions still resulted in a war between the two.  In this way, Angrboda had succeeded.



    And if people keep wondering, IT IS NOT GULVEIG’S HEART that Loki ate. Gulveig isn’t Angrboda either. Gulveig burned and became Heidr ( her burning was a sacrificial rite)  Gulveig is not Freya either, Reading the Eddas, you discover that plenty of witches and jotunn were burned. Whether for the hell of it or because they had to.

    42. The wolf did Loki | with Angrbotha win,
    And Sleipnir bore he | to Svathilfari;
    The worst of marvels | seemed the one
    That sprang from the brother | of Byleist then.

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    Team-Laufeyson @ Deviantart 

    Yep, got Team Laufeyson group on DA. Join and spread the joy that is art and Loki.

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    gallery Thor 


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    Thence come maidens who know much, Three from that hall beneath the tree: One was named Origin, the second Becoming. These two fashioned the third, named Debt. They established law, They selected lives For the children of ages, And the fates of men. Völuspà
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    Rune of The Day: Uruz 

    “Mind over matter – matter over mind”

    Uruz – “Oo – Ruse” – Literally: “Aurochs” – Esoteric: Endurance, Formation, Manifestation

    Key Concepts: life force, physical health, courage, organic structure, manifestation, formation, healing, vigor, endurance

    Psi: determination, persistence, freedom, courage, will, territoriality, independence

    Energy: Vital formative force, archetypal patterning, raw primal power, survival, healing, endurance, manifestation, organic structuring

    Mundane: physical health, stamina

    Divinations: Strength, constancy, vitality, tenacity, pattern, luck, health, pragmatic knowledge, understanding; or weakness, obsession, misdirected force, inconstancy, sickness, ignorance, uncontrolled rage, insensitivity, brutality

    Shaping and forcing fortunate circumstances creatively through will and inspiration
    Self-healing and maintenance of good mental and physical health
    Assertion of home ground, personal space, independence and freedom
    Strength and tenacity, courage, persistence against all odds
    Ability to control aggression and take responsibility
    Rites of passage, especially into adulthood

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    So I know this is a joke, but is it just me, or does this make anyone else REALLY SAD? Because the horns are interpreted as pushing everything and everyone out and away from him, and then they just give up and lash back at himself, oh god, everything hurts.



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