Clearing The Waters. What is posted and what some of the tags are. 

I’ve amazingly gathered a wonderful group of followers, ( Hello! Sexy people!) I’d like to clear the air a bit. IMTM (this blog) isn’t so much a service/catering type of area, what is posted here are subject matter that I find interesting.

I am only addressing this because my inbox has been flooded with rather curious requests and questions.

This blog is THORKI friendly, with nsfw and sfw material. (such works are tagged properly)

I don’t tag any THORKI material as : Thor, Loki. Anything Thorki will just be THORKI.

NSFW THORKI artwork will just always be tagged as: nsfw

SFW THORKI is tagged as Thorki,art. (same with fanart – it will just be tagged ‘art’)

Any art of mine : my art.

This blog also pivots around Norse Mythology & other pantheons with similar archetypes. ( with sources cited).

This blog sometimes caters to my ranting ( not often ). tagged: exile god ramblings.

I have friends that like to bombard my inbox, at any rate, all questions answered are under the tag of : answer

Now for the heart of the matter, this issue revolves around courtesy, I am not seeking to offend anybody at any given time on purpose, I am only indulging in subject matter that I like.  Whatever it may be, that subject, if it offends you, I’ll apologize in advance now, I’m sorry it doesn’t sit well with you but this is my blog, I do what I want. I don’t use it to cater to others, I’m not a service.

You can tell me you don’t like it(whatever it is), that’s fine but don’t expect me to change anything.  You have a responsibility for yourself to yourself. I am not your babysitter, I am not a babysitter for anyone else either. I take all precautions and always give fair warning.

You can ignore, you can teach yourself how to use proper filters, there are addons – there is something called “tumblr savior”, it will ward off things one may not like by using the tags.

Keep in mind, I also post via mobile phone and sometimes not all of Tumblr’s functions work, like the readmore. As much as I’d like to hide parts of posts in such a manner, it just doesn’t happen often. As in, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried.

Thank you for reading.