Raku Raku Dino Kun and Tako Seijin

Okay yeah.. I had one of those awesome Dinkie Dinos back around 1997 and mine had a slight glitch  with the menu, it pulled a perfect pet virtual dinosaur but it had the Dinkie Alien menu. I had a Dinkie Dino case & pet with the menu options/design for Dinkie Alien. I didn’t know  there was this hybrid kind of shenanigans around it until I got in touch with a virtual pet collector back in the day. I didnt have a normal Dinkie Dino menu for my device. lol.

So here I am now, remembering and I ‘ve come to the conclusion that my first Dinkie Dino was an Alien Tyrannosaurus Rex ( that turned into an angel at the end of his life cycle >_> )

these are the normal menus


the one above is for dinke dino

the one below is for dinkie alien


i curse the person that stole my dinkie dino from me, i curse them and all they hole dear.