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    I do not think it is a wise idea to tell a gender-bending, masterfully skilled shapeshifting sorcerer what to do with their body is a good idea since this particular person can use light-transporting -rainbow- laser energy blasts that can destroy entire planets.


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    Every time I look at an opal I think Bifrost. 


    and then…light-transporting laser energy blasts that can destroy entire planets.

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    Gods on the run by *humon

    Random Æsir god, Vanir goddess, and Jotun. They’re not supposed to look like any specific people from the Eddas.

    This is not meant to be an illustration of how they are usually portrayed, but simply how they look in my mind after having read about the old Norse religion and the many speculations surrounding it.

    The Æsir represent culture, tamed nature, order, and the male sex. They were at the very top of the godly hierarchy, so I put him in blue which was the color of the rich because it was very expensive to make.

    We know very little about the Vanir, but because the only Vanir with any significant roles in the Eddas are fertility gods, they are considered to be connected with fertility. This is why I have started drawing them more or less plump because classic fertility statues are often depicted so.
    It used to be a common belief that they represented an older religion, but that has since been dismissed by most experts. Still the idea lingered with me, so I tend to portray them more shamanic looking.

    Finally a Jotun. Even though they were the oldest and wisest of the races, they were the lowest in the hierarchy, which is why I have given him clothes with the lightest colors. In Viking culture you could tell a person’s place in the social hierarchy by how dark their clothes were, from the rich blue, to the slaves’ white.
    Jotuns represented chaos, wild nature, magic, and the female sex. Their roles as chaos and femininity gods can be seen by how male Jotuns were able to give birth. The first jotun Ymir gave birth in his sleep, Loki birthed quite a few children (most as a woman, but also as a man), and Odin who was king of the Æsir but originally a Jotun himself, also birthed children in the form of a woman.
    Men who could shapeshift into women was a special Jotun ability.

    The rainbow in the background is of course Bifrost, the bridge that connected the worlds.

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    Can we just take a minute here to appreciate opals?

    From top left:

    1. Boulder opal.
    2. Ethiopian opal.
    3. Black crystal opal (considered the “Holy grail” of opals).
    4. Andamooka matrix opal.
    5. Yowah nut opal.
    6. Mexican fire opal.
    7. Mezezo opal.
    8. White harlequin opal.
    9. Panel boulder black opal.
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    The goodness-loving gods wanted to have a race of creatures whom they could love and protect and bless with all kinds of pleasures. So Odin, with his brothers Hønir and Loke, crossed the rainbow bridge and came down to the earth. They were walking along the seashore when they found two trees, an ash and an elm. These would do as well as anything for their purpose. Odin took the two trees and warmly breathed on them; and they became a man and a woman. Hønir then gently touched their foreheads, and they became wise. Lastly Loke softly stroked their faces; their skin grew pink with ruddy color, and they received the gifts of speech, hearing, and sight.

    Ask and Embla were the name of the couple, and the ash and the elm became the father and mother of the whole human race living on Midgard, under the eyes of the gods who had made them.


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    Have you ever gotten high off the Bifrost? 

    Like all the bloody time. Well, we use what we have sparingly now…since….one time the whole of Asgard got stoned…. Like before Thor bashed the shit out of it, we’d like scrape some rainbow off that bridge and rub that shit into our eyes.


    Then Heimdall ratted on us and Odin got ANGRY. He wanted all the rainbow to himself.

    It is a big whole fucking mess. Rainbow is bad business. Great fucking fun, just bad business.

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    Yeah, we talked about it a lot. We talked about this idea that Loki disappears through that wormhole of space and time, when the Bifrost is destroyed, and he kind of goes through the Seventh Circle of Hell. And he’s on his own. He’s on his own in the dark corners of the universe, and the journey he goes on is pretty horrible. It’s like getting lost in the rainforest or something. You’re going to come out the other side a bit mangled on the outside, and on the inside. And he’s made this deal with Thanos and the Chitauri… Don’t reveal that. Tom Hiddleston ( about Loki x )
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    I can’t believe I said “Go fall off the Bifrost!” when I meant to say “SOD OFF, YOU BILE DUCT!” 


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    Thor and Loki being doodle heads.

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