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    A tree is the most perfect of spiritual beings, with its roots buried alive in Mother Earth and its limbs alive and growing in Father Sky.

    According to the Song of the Sybil, when the earth was young, Odin and his two brothers found two trees: an ash tree and an elm, faint, feeble, with no fate assigned to them. Breath they had not, nor blood, nor senses, nor language possessed, nor life-hue. Odin gave them breath. Hoenir gave them senses (shape). Blood and life-hue was given by Lothur.

    We are the forbears of the trees. One does not just carve runes, one recreates this ritual. By chanting the name of the the rune, one give the rune breath, the energy of its name. By carving it, one gives the rune senses (shape). By coloring the rune red (blood is optional), one gives it life’s hue.

    When you carve runes you create life.

    Russ the Runester
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    I noticed a lot of gold when it came to Loki and Thor like when Loki gets shot at there are gold sparks and when Loki stabbed Thor with Gungnir Thor had gold sparks on him, why is this? 

    1. They are gods.

    2. Golden Apples.

    3.  All the gold you see that ping off Thor and Loki is Ichor – is the ethereal golden fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals

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    Gods bleed.

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    Not my fault my blood isn’t red. 

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    There are times when you falling in love with someone.

    You feel a tiny pink flower pud slowly grow inside of your chest. The more you fall, the more it grows.

    Then one day that person walk away from your life, also takes part of you away. The flower is still inside of you, he doesn’t know it exits. You still feel the flower growing, day and night, it grows so fast, full fill your chest that you can’t even breathe. Until one day it tears up your chest, you finally see that flower with your eyes, red as blood.

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    On one unforeseen occasion a slayer had stumbled upon my path, my routine walk utterly interrupted. I was surprised, he was very very tall.   I narrowed my eyes and he could only grin.

    He decried me and  I only stared, trying to fixate on what part of his body to strike. I had to be done with this and without much effort.

    He lunged at me and I slid back in the snow. This one was eager to end my life. I began to wonder who had sent him or if I had wronged him and his people somehow.

    I had been impaled quite suddenly-while I was lost in thought. It felt like fire swarmed through my core.  Then air that I knew I had never breathed in was violently rushed out from my body and I almost screamed. The forced sensation was absolutely horrific.

    I did not know what that had meant, to breathe, I longed to breathe again, he dug in the spear and I felt it protrude from my back with a sickening pop. Had any liquid been flowing in my body, he would’ve been drowned in it.

     I felt my form sadistically attempt to go limp, I fought that, I focused on my one true wish, to see my blood once more.

    It never came. Oh! How I grieved.

    I could only tilt my head as I suddenly heard the familiar slight cracks, as if thousands of mirrors began to shatter. It was a delicate and very elegant sound. I had begun to relish hearing it.  My only source of comfort.

    I inhaled , watching the form before me grunt and stiffen ,the frost quickly snaked across his body, he had no time to scream.

    I hissed. He need only to have removed his grip from the spear!  Fool. He realized this too late and I saw his hatred for me.

    As I drew closer I pushed the spear completely through my chest, his arms broke off like twigs and I sneered when the spear fell behind me. I glanced at the frozen slayer, I was captured in his fiery gaze.  His eyes…blazed, as if of flame. Hateful.

    I began to mourn the loss of my own eye and I trembled. My eye, oh! What had I seen, I dropped my gaze as my chest began to ache. I was not familiar with this pain.

    I glared up at him, He died furious, he died with clear disdain for me. No, I will not be scorned by you.

    I backhanded him and did not exert much force. It was a sudden strike and I became distraught when he burst into small cloud of ice fragments. I wanted to crush more of his body. There was nothing left.

    I placed my long fingers into the hole in my chest and stilled hoping to feel movement of my heart and there was none. I slightly frowned and studied my hands, yet again, no life blood on them. I clenched my fists and began to  carry on with my walk, eager to escape the oncoming blizzard.

    I swore that I would make my next assailant bleed for me.

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    Aoen – No Shame 

    I am not the monster you made me out to be.

    There is no shame in being a monster.

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    off fruit.


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    The Tower of Silence

    January 19, 2003 —
    Indian officials ventured into a deep jungle, investigating several missing persons reports from a nearby city. What they found was a “Tower of Silence,” or dakhma. Zoroastrians use these sites to dispose of bodies in the open air.

    While sites like these are not uncommon in certain parts of india, several peculiarities hint at something more unusual…

    1. None of the bodies depicted in the photograph were identified. Villagers from nearby, though initially surprised at the sheer number of corpses in the dakhma, proved unable to recognize the bodies. The corpses also do not match the descriptions of the missing people.
    2. There were no animals around except for maggots and flies. Zoroastrians rely on birds (i.e. buzzards) to dispose of the bodies, in the belief they are contributing back to the Earth. Officials found the corpses relatively untouched by any sort of animal.
    3. There is no official count of the bodies. In fact, little work was actually accomplished at the site and, perhaps, this is why only one photograph has emerged. Officials avoided the spot – not only because they felt uneasy looking at it, but for the following, as well:
    4. The deep pit in the center of the photograph was filled with several feet of festering blood – far more than the bodies on the outside could ever supply. The stench was so unbearable that many of the officials began to get nauseous when they first approached the dakhma.
    5. The expedition was ended when a villager accidentally kicked a small bone into the pit, penetrating the coagulated surface of the pool. A massive burst of gas from the decomposing blood erupted from the pit, splashing those looking into it, along with the photographer.

    Those caught in the explosion were immediately sent to the hospital, where they were quarrantined for possible infection. They became delirious with fever, shouting about “being tainted with the blood of Ahriman” (the personification of evil in Zoroastrianism), despite never having admitted having any familiarity with the religion.

    In fact, many of them had no idea what the dakhma was when they had found it. Delirium turned to insanity as many began to attack hospital staff until they were sedated. The fever eventually killed all of them.

    When officials returned with hazmat gear the following day, the site was empty. All the bodies had been removed and, astonishingly, the pool of blood in the pit had been drained. All that remained of the incident was this photograph.

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