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    Midgard is a demon haunted realm.

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    What if a demon were to creep after you one night, in your loneliest loneliness, and say, ‘This life which you live must be lived by you once again and innumerable times more; and every pain and joy and thought and sigh must come again to you, all in the same sequence. The eternal hourglass will again and again be turned and you with it, dust of the dust!’ Would you throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse that demon? Or would you answer, ‘Never have I heard anything more divine’? Friedrich Neitzsche
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    Special? Not likely. There are many like me, I’m just louder than they are. 

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    You misunderstand greatly and that will lead to unnecessary bloodshed. What little home we’ve made for ourselves is at stake.

    We were made. Not born. We broke off and became these.

    Pay attention.

    If were actually born there would be many of us sprawling throughout the realms.

    Yet we are few.

    So few. Not like your bastard children and hybrids.

    No, we were put together, piece by piece. From what? From who? I can’t fathom.

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    I had suffered four bodily transgressions that were simply atrocious, events I will never forget and never forgive.

    The first was this body, I was given…this body to be born in. You can not understand the agony of being given a body. A body not prepared for such defilement but I needed a body for this world. If I did not I would not have coherent form as I had ripped away from the Ether.

    The second was when the mages cut my left arm off and for all they had done they had not cut far enough to remove what they needed. They could not even slay the small child that I was.

    The third was when my father removed my right eye to end a long curse over his bloodline. He thought that would end my desire to annihilate those that shared my blood. He was simply too late.

    The fourth was my first death. I was torn to shreds and it took them twenty two days to scatter my remains.

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    How often I was told that I did not belong, not here, there or anywhere.

    They were adamant about it. It took many years when I realized they were right. 

    I left. I began to dwell at the threshold between worlds. I saw many a horror, what had been and what was coming.

    I often wondered if I was able to redeem myself though I had committed no wrongs.

    They had hurt me for too long to see reason.

    Then came that one day when they appeared out of the mists said they needed me. They had no one else.

    I did not oblige. I reminded them what had been done to me.  They said I would be destroyed as well and that too did not concern me.

    They had made my choice for me all those years ago.

    What was taking their lives did not acknowledge my existence.  I could only watch how slowly their world began to wither away in the cold.

    And for the first time I began to ponder my fate.

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    On one unforeseen occasion a slayer had stumbled upon my path, my routine walk utterly interrupted. I was surprised, he was very very tall.   I narrowed my eyes and he could only grin.

    He decried me and  I only stared, trying to fixate on what part of his body to strike. I had to be done with this and without much effort.

    He lunged at me and I slid back in the snow. This one was eager to end my life. I began to wonder who had sent him or if I had wronged him and his people somehow.

    I had been impaled quite suddenly-while I was lost in thought. It felt like fire swarmed through my core.  Then air that I knew I had never breathed in was violently rushed out from my body and I almost screamed. The forced sensation was absolutely horrific.

    I did not know what that had meant, to breathe, I longed to breathe again, he dug in the spear and I felt it protrude from my back with a sickening pop. Had any liquid been flowing in my body, he would’ve been drowned in it.

     I felt my form sadistically attempt to go limp, I fought that, I focused on my one true wish, to see my blood once more.

    It never came. Oh! How I grieved.

    I could only tilt my head as I suddenly heard the familiar slight cracks, as if thousands of mirrors began to shatter. It was a delicate and very elegant sound. I had begun to relish hearing it.  My only source of comfort.

    I inhaled , watching the form before me grunt and stiffen ,the frost quickly snaked across his body, he had no time to scream.

    I hissed. He need only to have removed his grip from the spear!  Fool. He realized this too late and I saw his hatred for me.

    As I drew closer I pushed the spear completely through my chest, his arms broke off like twigs and I sneered when the spear fell behind me. I glanced at the frozen slayer, I was captured in his fiery gaze.  His eyes…blazed, as if of flame. Hateful.

    I began to mourn the loss of my own eye and I trembled. My eye, oh! What had I seen, I dropped my gaze as my chest began to ache. I was not familiar with this pain.

    I glared up at him, He died furious, he died with clear disdain for me. No, I will not be scorned by you.

    I backhanded him and did not exert much force. It was a sudden strike and I became distraught when he burst into small cloud of ice fragments. I wanted to crush more of his body. There was nothing left.

    I placed my long fingers into the hole in my chest and stilled hoping to feel movement of my heart and there was none. I slightly frowned and studied my hands, yet again, no life blood on them. I clenched my fists and began to  carry on with my walk, eager to escape the oncoming blizzard.

    I swore that I would make my next assailant bleed for me.

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    Ignoring the past will only make it come back and beat you six ways to Hell. Orb
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    Aomi: Why do you insist on such grand speeches telling me about how terrible death is? That it is something to fear.
    Anuke: Because it is.
    Aomi: Oh, I wasn’t aware.
    Anuke: You should heed my w-
    Aomi: Look behind you! – yes, at those catacombs. That is where your men dragged out MY ROTTING CORPSE. And you want to tell me how horrible death is? Try living. Try living, day by day, with each sunrise MOCKING YOU!
    Anuke: Is it that dreadful? I can cease your existence in a heart beat. If you wish.
    Aomi: GO ON! Don’t keep me waiting. I’ll come right back, you think I’m part of your wheel of life, your foul ocean of souls? I am no more part of your world than you are. You’re just another lost soul.

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    What the fuck is up with every self-hating asshole trying to take over the fucking world?! Drop
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