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  • aomiarmster 5:34 AM on 17/10/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Loki pulls Frost Giant shenanigans on Heimdall.

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    Heimdall wields the Soul Reaver!!!!!

  • aomiarmster 5:55 AM on 26/09/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Have you ever gotten high off the Bifrost? 

    Like all the bloody time. Well, we use what we have sparingly now…since….one time the whole of Asgard got stoned…. Like before Thor bashed the shit out of it, we’d like scrape some rainbow off that bridge and rub that shit into our eyes.


    Then Heimdall ratted on us and Odin got ANGRY. He wanted all the rainbow to himself.

    It is a big whole fucking mess. Rainbow is bad business. Great fucking fun, just bad business.

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    One cannot simply sass Heimdall. 

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    Heimdall is onto your shit, Loki.

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    The Gods of the Runes 

    Deity or Symbolic Being(s)  /  Function  /  Associated Rune(s)  /  Basic Meaning

    (I) Audhumla (Cosmic Cow)  /  Primordial Being  /  Fehu  /  Prosperity

    (II) The Auroch Bull  /  Masculine Power  /  Uruz  /  Ferocity

    (III) Thor  /  Thunder God  /  Thurisaz  /  Boundaries

    (IV) Odin  /  Supreme God  /  Ansuz  /  Trials and Divine Inspirations

    (V) Frey/ing  /  Fertility/Horse God  /  Raido  /  Honour

    (VI) Heimdall  /  The Sentinel  /  Kaunaz  /  Knowledge

    (VII) Odin & Thor  /  Gift Givers  /  Gebo  /  Generosity

    (VIII) Frigga  /  The Virtuous Wife  /  Wunjo  /  Happy Endings

    (IX) Urd (also Hella)  /  The Norn of the Past  /  Hagalaz  /  Hail and Sleet

    (X) Verdandi  /  The Norn of the Future  /  Nauthiz  /  Necessity

    (XI) Skuld (also Rind)  /  The Norn of the Present  /  Isa  /  Ice, Cold, Iron

    (XII) Baldur & Hudur (also cunning Loki)   /  Gods of Light and Dark  /  Jera  /  Joy, Celebration

    (XIII) Ullr /  God of Hunting  /  Eihwaz  /  Adaptibility

    (XIV) The Three Norns and also Frigga  /  Weavers pf the web of Fate  /  Pertho  /  Chance and Destiny

    (XV) The Valkyries and also Heimdall  /  Choosers of the Slain  /  Algiz  /  Healing and Protection

    (XVI) Baldur and also Thor  /  Gods of Light and Justice  /  Sowelo  /  Life Force, Love and Poetic Justice

    (XVII) Tyr  /  One handed God of War and Oaths /  Tiwaz  /  Biding Agreements

    (XVIII) Frigga in her form as Brechta  /  Mother Goddess /  Berkana  /  Birth, Living Things

    (XIX) Frey/ing and also Sleipnir  /  Fertility/Horse God /  Ehwaz  /  Adventure and also the animal kingdom

    (XX) Heimdall in his form as Rigr  /  The God who Stands Between  /  Mannaz  /  Mankind

    (XXI) Njord and Nerthus  /  Gods of Safe Harbours  /  Laguz  /  Spiritual Love

    (XXII) Frey/Ing  /  God of Fertility  /  Inguz  /  Health, Fertility

    (XXIII) Odin  /  King of the Gods, The “All-Father”  /  Othila  /  Rulership and Nobility, Loyality

    (XXIV) Heimdall and Loki  /  Rival Gods of Order and Chaos / Dagaz  / Midsummer, beginings and endings 


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    Rune: Dagaz.

    Mythology: Because Dagaz is elementally governed by fire, two fire gods of radically differing characteristics are associated with it. The first is Heimdall, symbolised by a steady torch or beacon shinning in the darkness. Heimdall is the sentinel of the gods, the guardian of the rainbow bridge, ever watchful and the bringer of enlightenment to mortals ( it was he who revealed the secrets of the runes to humankind ). The other god connected with Dagaz is the untrustworthy ( for some ) Loki, the trickster. Loki is too clever for his own, or, indeed, anyone else’s good. Although he did some beneficial things, these boons were usually a by-product of his mischievous acts. Even so, he is the blood brother of Odin and was usually cunning enough to talk his way out of trouble. Loki represents wild, uncontrolled flames. Heimdall represents warmth, security and illumination. The two gods were great rivals and were fated to kill each other on the dreaful day of Ragnarok

    Arith Härger
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