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    I am going to create single runes from the Ao Rune set I had posted a few days ago. This way I can add the image of the rune to the Rune of The Day posts. 

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    Rune of The Day: Uruz 

    “Mind over matter – matter over mind”

    Uruz – “Oo – Ruse” – Literally: “Aurochs” – Esoteric: Endurance, Formation, Manifestation

    Key Concepts: life force, physical health, courage, organic structure, manifestation, formation, healing, vigor, endurance

    Psi: determination, persistence, freedom, courage, will, territoriality, independence

    Energy: Vital formative force, archetypal patterning, raw primal power, survival, healing, endurance, manifestation, organic structuring

    Mundane: physical health, stamina

    Divinations: Strength, constancy, vitality, tenacity, pattern, luck, health, pragmatic knowledge, understanding; or weakness, obsession, misdirected force, inconstancy, sickness, ignorance, uncontrolled rage, insensitivity, brutality

    Shaping and forcing fortunate circumstances creatively through will and inspiration
    Self-healing and maintenance of good mental and physical health
    Assertion of home ground, personal space, independence and freedom
    Strength and tenacity, courage, persistence against all odds
    Ability to control aggression and take responsibility
    Rites of passage, especially into adulthood

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    First Charm

        I know spells – no king’s wife can say – and no man has mastered; – one is called “Help” – because it can comfort – the sick and careworn, – relieve all sorrows.

    Intent: Help in sorrow or distress
    Primary rune: Fehu
    Supporting runes: Inguz, Laguz
    Second Charm

        I know another – which all men need – who hope to be healers.

    Intent: Healing
    Primary rune: Uruz
    Supporting runes: Jera, Sowulo
    Third Charm

        I know a third – if I should need – to fetter any foe; – it blunts the edge – of my enemy’s sword, – neither wiles nor weapons work.

    Intent: Fettering foes
    Primary rune: Thurisaz
    Supporting runes: Isa, Naudhiz
    Fourth Charm

        I know a fourth: – if I should find myself – fettered hand and foot, – I shout the spell – that sets me free, – bonds break from my feet, – nothing holds my hands.

    Intent: Release fetters
    Primary rune: Ansuz
    Supporting runes: Fehu, Inguz
    Fifth Charm

        I know a fifth: – in battle’s fury – if someone flings a spear, – it speeds not so fast – but that I can stop it – I only have to see it.

    Intent: Ability to stop a dart (spear)
    Primary rune: Raidho
    Supporting runes: Isa, Kenaz
    Sixth Charm

        I know a sixth: – if someone would harm me – by writing runes on a tree root, – the man who wished – I would not come to woe – will meet misfortune, not I.

    Intent: Return curse to sender
    Primary rune: Hagalaz
    Supporting runes: Jera, Raidho
    Seventh Charm

        I know a seventh: – if I see flames – high around a hall, – no matter how far – the fire has spread – my spell can stop it.

    Intent: To put out a fire
    Primary rune: Isa
    Supporting runes: Laguz, Naudhiz
    Eighth Charm

        I know an eighth – which no one on earth – could fail to find useful: – when hatred waxes – among warriors – the spell will soothe them.

    Intent: Ability to bring about reconciliation
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Mannaz, Wunjo
    Ninth Charm

        I know a ninth: – if I ever need – to save my ship in a storm, – it will quiet the wind – and calm the waves, – soothing the sea.

    Intent: Control sea winds
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Ansuz, Raidho
    Tenth Charm

        I know a tenth: – any time I see – witches sailing the sky – the spell I sing – sends them off their course; – when they lose their skins – they fail to find their homes.

    Intent: To confuse a spell sender
    Primary rune: Dagaz
    Supporting runes: Ehwaz, Laguz
    Eleventh Charm

        I know an eleventh: – if I lead to war – good and faithful friends, – under a shield I shout – the spell that speeds them – well they fare in the fight, – well they fare from the fight, – wherever they go they fare well.

    Intent: Protecting friends in battle
    Primary rune: Sowulo
    Supporting runes: Elhaz, Ansuz
    Twelfth Charm

        I know a twelfth: – if up in a tree – I see a corpse hanging high, – the mighty runes – I write and color – make the man come down – to talk with me.

    Intent: Necromancy
    Primary rune: Hagalaz
    Supporting runes: Teiwaz, Kenaz
    Thirteenth Charm

        I know a thirteenth: – if I pour water – over a youth, – he will not fall – in any fight, – swords will not slay him.

    Intent: Protecting a young warrior with water
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Inguz, Laguz, Elhaz
    Fourteenth Charm

        I know a fourteenth, – as men will find – when I tell them the tales of the gods: – I know all about – the elves and the Æsir – few fools can say as much.

    Intent: Knowledge of all Gods and elves
    Primary rune: Eihwaz
    Supporting runes: Ansuz, Mannaz
    Fifteenth Charm

        I know a fifteenth – that the dwarf Thjodrorir – chanted at Delling’s door: – power to the Æsir, – triumph to the elves, – understanding to Odin.

    Intent: Gives power to the Æsir, prowess to the elves and foresight to Odin
    Primary rune: Sowulo
    Supporting runes: Raidho, Kenaz
    Sixteenth Charm

        I know a sixteenth: – if I say that spell – any girl soon grants my desires; – I win the heart – of the white-armed maiden, – turn her thoughts where I will.

    Intent: To attract a lover
    Primary rune: Kenaz
    Supporting runes: Jera, Inguz
    Seventeenth Charm

        I know a seventeenth, – and with that spell – no maiden will forsake me.

    Intent: To keep romance in a marriage
    Primary rune: Gebo
    Supporting runes: Inguz, Ehwaz
    Eighteenth Charm

        I know and eighteenth – which I never tell – a maiden or any man’s wife – the best of charms – if you can chant it; – this is the last of my lay – unless to a lady – who lies in my arms, – or I’ll sing it to my sister.

    Intent: Union of male and female
    Primary rune: To be discovered by the reader
    Supporting runes: To be discovered by the reader

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    Rune of The Day: Laguz – Water, lake, lagoon. 

    water in all its forms. Cleansing action. Tidal movement – ebb and flow. Fortuitous omen for overseas travel, fishing or other aquatic activities

    Laguz means water, a vital part of life, but a constant danger, just as our journey through life encounters risks. Laguz contains elements of fluidity, changeability, and a lack of control. It represents the sensual madness of sexuality, the unconscious, intuitive, and psychic abilities. It’s deceptive elements come from its variety, rather than from any menace. Traditionally, Laguz is the ultimate female rune.

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    The Aoen and Futhark runes won’t calibrate and it’s destroying my souuuulll. 

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    Rune of The Day: ISA :Ice, Stillness. 

    Ice is extremely cold, immeasurably slippery, at times it glistens clear as glass like most gems. Is a floor wrought of frost a fair sight?

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    On October 26th, I will start posting a random rune of the day(one rune each day and so forth). 

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    F U TH A R K G W H N I Y EI P Z S T B E M L NG D O 

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    F U TH A R K G W H N I Y EI  P Z S T B  E M L NG D O

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    Fehu can mean cattle, gold, or wealth in general.


    Uruz represents strength, speed, and good health.


    Thurisaz refers to the giants of Norse mythology.


    Ansuz could refer to any deity, but it was most often associated with Odin.


    Likely an important rune for the Vikings, Raido signified a long journey.


    Kenaz represents a torch or some other source of light.


    Gebo was used to denote a sacrifice to the gods.


    Wunjo can translate as comfort, joy, or glory.


    Hagalaz is the rune for hail, either in terms of the weather or hailing projectiles in battle.


    Nauthiz means need or necessity.


    Isa means ice.


    Jera translates as year or harvest.


    Eithwaz is the rune for yew, a sacred tree used to make rune wands.


    The meaning and/or translation of Perth remains unknown.


    Algiz denoted defense, protection, or self-preservation.


    Sowilo represented the sun, an important element in pagan worship.


    The rune of the war god Tyr, Tiwaz was often carved on weaponry.


    Berkano was associated with the birch tree, with Idun, goddess of spring, and with fertility.


    Ehwaz is the rune for horse.


    Mannaz means man or mankind.


    Laguz is associated with water.


    Ingwaz can refer either to the Danish hero Ing or to the Danes in general.


    Dagaz is the rune for day or daylight.


    Othila means inheritance or the passing on of property or knowledge.

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