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  • aomiarmster 8:40 AM on 18/10/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    I have no idea what is going on here….


    (btw: who made this?  )

    He’s turning into a snake! 

    …no, love. Not a snake.  See that gleam in his eyes? THAT’s what vampires / werewolves have.

    Did you just imply that snakes have lifeless eyes? 

    I WANT TO BITE HIM SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aomiarmster 5:33 PM on 02/05/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    TERA Online ARMSTER nosferatu by *AomiArmster

    so.. this is Armster, he is a sorcerer High Elf AKA EMO HOT GUY NOSFERATU bluhomo that feelings nothing but shame.

    yeah he’s not even lvl 19 yet.
    he’s a tall gangly guy, awkward fighting with him since i am used to the Elin .
    aside from his clunky self and odd demeanor, interaction with him in-game is a bit awkward.

    and to put it simply – male or female, he’s being terrorized.

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    drawn back in 2004 – Little Aomi vampire.

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    Yeah.. about that, unlike you, I don’t wake up next to dead lovers. Get that shit fixed, hon, you’re making us all look bad. Aomi , Tale of Little Demons
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    Vampire Aomi by *AomiArmster

  • aomiarmster 12:35 AM on 12/02/2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t get caught up in stereotypes so much because in this case the situation is just isn’t true. It would be a fatal mistake to assume that just because they are vampires that they would only feed on a certain substance and only feed in a certain way. Kasanareku
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    Why did they get rid of Kindred Mage ‘s idle animation with the red wispy magic and magic gylphs? Why Forsaken World, why? Why get rid of the magicish animation, why make the Kindred Mage’s idle animation like the assassin and the vampire’s? Why? Why can’t the mages all have the sparkle tornado like the human mages do? :| ANGER!!!! 

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    this was drawn & posted back in 2006 

    Original Post on DA: http://youkai-hime.deviantart.com/art/Oh-look-MOAR-AOMI-die-teni-die-44843483

    look! look! Aomipu, Aomipu can be used as a censor bar now..and NO THIS IS NOT FEMALE AOMI :< TIS MALE AOMI only looking as the usual.. FEMINININEEE and its censored!!!D: nothing adult ish here.. >.>

    i hate drawing with a mouse 😡
    i know once i get my tablet i will finish up the art trades :< i’m making them prettttttty

    Fweeee just as labeled
    and no this isnt like power-ups dragon ball z type stuff!.

    1. we got normal Aomi here, demon :B err well half demon
    this is how he was born 8D sorcery H00RAAAY!

    2. we got feral demon! he’s more fox-ish and tiger ish :< this is how Aomi used to look years ago.

    3. Human Aomi, the eyes are mix-matched because as much as he would want, he still has demonic essence..somewhere in his body. Aomi usually would wear a blind fold in public.. if he had to be in human form, he has totally awesome hearing so it wouldn’t matter if he could see or not.

    4. O Oooo Vampire Aomi! The wings are useless(can’t fly with them) but they make nice weapons—for scratching and slapping. Vampire Aomi can’t speak but he’s very expressive bodily wise. Aomi got this form through.. well guess.. USUAL vampire-ishianing! Yeah he got bit but oddily enough, vampire aomi is the nicest of all the forms.

    5. full demon form D: if ya didn’t know already, Aomi is a shadow demon
    a whispy solid black mass, soft as silk, strong as hell, hard as a diamond , or could burst into dust…or collapse into a puddle of black liquid.
    shadow aomi is.. more the intellectual than anything dangerous, the eye was gouged out by his father(long story)—surprisingly shadow aomi can read..perfectly EVEN with the missing eye—apparently its just the concept that makes it able to read O_o;;

    6. this is just for fun thing, i was mix-matching previous characters and mingled with aomi, perferably his cousins Sabre and Safer, hence the yellow and green eyes…and given Sabre and Safer being total traits.. this form would be the most cruel.

    Aomi HQJoin Aomi on Plurk!More of Aomi’s Stamps Aomi’s Avatars & EmotesHime’s Stamps

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    this is my Kindred mage, Princess_Aomi from Forsaken World.
    I don’t remember what server I’m on or what realm.
    I am also AomiArmster and Aomi_Armster in Forsaken World.
    go play FW HERE!
    Kindred got huge boobs. BOOBS!!
    I wish I could mix and match traits and idle animations from  some of the classes. 😦
    Like, I love how the Kindred look but I don’t like their idle animations.
    I want my Kindred to have the human-mage idle animation( which is a small tornado of sparkles!), with Elven Priest healing ability and elven…ears that can be seen through my Kindred’s hair. LONG, PRETTY, POINTY EARS!

    My Kindred is a mage and she will be a lightning and frost one!
    Aomi traits !

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